Dr. Uroš Delić

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Orcid: 0000-0002-1426-7289

ResearcherID: AAK-4157-2020 

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Uroš Delić, born in Belgrade, Serbia in 1987, studied physics at the University of Belgrade and the University of Vienna. During this time, he was an intern at IQOQI Vienna and has worked in the group of Prof. Vladan Vuletić at MIT. He later joined the group of Prof. Markus Aspelmeyer at the University of Vienna for his Master's and PhD studies, working on cavity cooling of optically levitated nanoparticles. He was a fellow of the Doctoral program "Complex Quantum Systems" (CoQuS) and acted as a student speaker between 2013 and 2015. In 2018 he was the recipient of the Austrian Marshall Plan Scholarship for a research visit to the group of Prof. Vuletić, where he worked on cavity cooling of Cesium atoms by coherent scattering. Back in Vienna, he applied the cooling technique from atomic physics that led to the first demonstration of the motional quantum ground state cooling of a single levitated nanoparticle. He defended his PhD with distinction in 2019, for which he received the Award of Excellence from the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research. He continued working as a University Assistant in the Aspelmeyer group and has since become a Senior scientist.

Academic positions


2022 - now

2019 - 2022


2009 - 2019



Visiting Scientist, Vuletić group, MIT, USA

Senior Scientist, Aspelmeyer group, University of Vienna

University Assistant, Aspelmeyer group, University of Vienna

Visiting Student, Vuletić group, MIT, USA

Research Assistant, Aspelmeyer group, University of Vienna

Visiting Student, Vuletić group, MIT, USA

Visiting Student, IQOQI Vienna, Austria

Awards and scholarships

2019 Award of Excellence by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research for outstanding PhD thesis

2018 Research Fellowship, Austrian Marshall Plan Scholarship, received for the research visit to MIT

2013 Fellowship, Doctoral programme Complex Quantum Systems (CoQuS)

2009 Eurobank EFG Scholarship to the 100 Best Serbian Students

2007 Scholarship for talented students, Ministry of Science and Technological Development, Serbia

Selected invited talks

2024 Quantum Physics with Trapped Particles, Monte Verita, Switzerland

2024 Workshop on Frontiers of Nanomechanics, ICTP Trieste, Italy

2024 Central European Workshop on Quantum Optics (CEWQO), Olomouc, Czechia

2024 Swiss Nano Convention, Basel, Switzerland

2024 Gordon Research Conference "Mechanical Systems in the Quantum Regime", Ventura (CA), USA

2024 Physics Colloquium, Ulm University, Germany

2023 Workshop “Hybrid Systems for Quantum Technologies”, Bordeaux, France

2023 Physics Seminar, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

2023 Quantum Science Seminar, Innsbruck, Austria

2023 Workshop on Quantum Enhanced Sensing, Copenhagen, Denmark

2022 Frontiers of Matter Wave Optics, Trieste, Italy

2022 "Photonics for Quantum", Rochester, NY, USA

2022 "Quantum engineering of levitated systems", Benasque, Spain

2020 AMO seminar at Yale University

2019 Quantum Physics Seminar at IST Austria


2021 - 2024 Cavity-mediated interactions between levitated nanoparticles (Austrian Science Fund, FWF)

2023 - 2024 Ultrastrong cavity optomechanics (ESQ Discovery grant, Austrian Academy of Sciences)

2023 - 2025 Quantum Fluctuation Phenomena in Macroscopic Quantum Systems (John Templeton Foundation)

2022 Quantum-limited detection (Faculty of Physics, University of Vienna)